Recent works 2017

Measures 3x6.6x11
Measures 3×6.6×11

Things never go as you plan. So, again I will try to make a better effort on my pages.

Here is a mini tote – my granddaughter names them for me – totey tote! And Hattie Hats!

She made her first basket last year! I was so proud of her!

I made this totey tote this winter. I think cabin fever is setting in and I need to get out. I’ve been busy with beadwork lately as it’s not as hard on my hands/forearms. All is well here in my corner of the world. Going to keep making baskets as long as I can. I will post those works shortly as well. Stay frosty. I mean Toasty!

Seneca-Iroquois basket making and crafts