Busy times

Well, I was off to a few adventures lately-Philadelphia, PA, D.C., Boston, MA and Enfield, CT. Now, settling back in but much to do.
I’m helping a friend with her wedding and doing a lot of corn husk flowers lately! I mean loads! If she will allow me to share I’ll post but otherwise it will be after October. They are turning out beautifully if I must say. ( I know, I know, patting myself on the back I may hurt myself!)
I’ve got 5 sessions of craft classes this month with various entities. As I go I’ll share a picture or two.
I’ve already received Christmas orders and it’s 8 months away! So, I’m going to start planning that as well.
My real job has me on the computer all day but never time to do this! So, I’m catching up. I hadn’t even downloaded my pics from my trips yet! It’ll all work out- I manage to balance it out without too much stress.
My garden is slowed with this weather as well. But, I can do what I’m able and be content.
Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be busy as usual. Maybe get to post a pic or two soon.

Seneca-Iroquois basket making and crafts