Eel Trap Basket at Seneca Fall Festival 2017

The fall brought us together as a community at the Seneca Fall Festival 2017 on the Cattaraugus Territory. Under the Cultural Arts Tent we had fellow artists from across the territories, carvers, quill work, bead work, pottery and traditional basketry.

I worked with a fellow basket maker, Tonia from Mohawk country on a eel trap basket. It was rough splint, no need for a pretty basket in the waters. The technique was new for me and proved a challenge in some regards but finished it by the end of the weekend. We shared with the public and talked of both the fish trap and eel trap. The double wall and the sharp ends – (which prevented them from leaving the trap) was a new one on me. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the learning a new basket and story. I have a few shots to share.

I also rounded up a class with some fellow ladies for their corn wash baskets. They all enjoyed and now know the technique and what needs to go into the making of a basket from step one.

I’ve got other events coming up and will post them soon. Maybe you can stop by and say hello. Always busy, always learning. 

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